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Monday, March 28, 2016

FestiFULL of COLORS: Holi! (Guest Post by Ambika)

For thousands of years, Hindus have celebrated the festival of Holi all around the world. Traditionally, the festival is celebrated by throwing powdered colors at people, with festivities like singing and dancing. The dance associated with Holi is called Dandia Raas, and is played with a pair of sticks. Depending on which part of India the festival is celebrated, a bonfire is lit in the evening of Holi or the night before it. In many parts of India, people observe a fast by only eating puffed rice and popcorn for the day.
There are many explanations of why the festival exists, but the most famous is the ancient story of the prince Prahlad and his evil father King Hirnakasyapu. It was believed that the King was an Asura, a demon who is a cruel ruler. Being the power-hungry monster that he was, the King wanted everyone in his kingdom to worship him and praise him even more than God. Unfortunately for him, his own son Prahlad was an ardent devotee of the God Vishnu, the god who looked after the entire Universe. When the King asked his son who the most power man in the kingdom was, the song replied that it was he, his father, and king. But when he was asked who the strongest in the whole world was, Prahlad replied simply that it was the God Vishnu.
I'm wearing an Indian suit and the shoes are traditional Punjabi shoes (cotton)

Viewing this to be an undermining of his power, the King set his sights on destroying Prahlad afraid that his son's ideas would become a representation of his kingdom. He enlisted his sister, Holika, to help with this task. Holika had a special sari, a traditional Indian gown that allowed her to be within flames without being incinerated. The siblings convinced Prahlad that if he were to sit on the lap of his aunt while they were lit on fire, he would be safe and fireproof along with her. After all, it was directions by his loving aunt and father. When the bonfire had died down again, they found that Prahlad was saved by the grace of God and his extreme devotion. Holika had died paying for her sins. Therefore, the festival celebrates the victory of good over evil while simultaneously glorifying the importance of devotion.
The scarf is called a dupatta or chunni (depends on what part of India)
There are few other legends associated with the origins of Holi, but the moral of the story always depicts the triumph of good over evil within the end. The day is always considered peaceful as enemies and friends alike gather to play with colors in the name of Holi.


Monday, March 14, 2016

So Long Winter, We're Springing Forward!

Hello everyone!!! I know it's been a while. It's crazy how we're already mid-way through March--like whoah!! When did January and February happen? To celebrate the imminent transition of season, here's 4 outfits to guide you for spring outfits. Technically Spring Equinox isn't until next Sunday, but it's definitely feeling like spring in SoCal! I don't know about you, but I've been dealing with spring allergies in 80 degrees weather. But that's beside the point. I hope you enjoy this post and maybe you'll find some of my tips helpful!

Off the shoulder blouse: Zara // Floral Drawstring Pants: Polo Ralph Lauren // Sandals: Franco Sarto

Don't tell anyone...but the pants I have on are actually pajama pants that I bought about a month ago on sale. I think it's totally wearable with a plain top. Plus it's comfy!
I'm so strong I can push a tree! Nope, totally kidding.
For this outfit, I thought a black top would be a nice contrast to the red drawstrings. Since there is quite a floral pattern going on, it's better to be simple on the top so the outfit doesn't look like a clutter. As far as accessories, I stacked my usual Seiko watch with an Alex and Ani bracelet and a turquoise stone bangle to complement the turquoise-toned flowers on the pants.
~ Gotta love the City of Trees ~
Black Blazer: Kenzie (Nordstrom) // Magenta Peplum Tank: American Eagle // Boyfriend Jeans: American Eagle // Initial Bar Necklace: Nectar // 3 Triangle Necklace: Forever 21
When it gets slightly chilly, throw on a blazer. It'll do the trick! It is a principle that blazers add sophistication to any casual outfit. I'm not as much of a fan of preppy clothing anymore, but I still like how blazers look on top of a casual combo. 

I'm usually not big on buying colorful tops (like magenta) because I prefer neutral colors that match with everything...BUT it's still important to have a bit of variety. When I buy colorful tops, I usually like them simple with a twist. This magenta top, for example, had a peplum bottom half that I really love. It really pops out in this outfit because it contrasts with the black.  

How cool is this pattern?! I love how there are two separate patterns that intertwine. This dress was my mom's from many, many years ago. The dress originally has shoulder-pads (yes, that long ago), so I cut them out and turned it into my own midi dress. Being resourceful 101 everybody!!!

Slip Dress: Free People
I usually wear this dress by itself, but I also like how it looks with the boyfriend jeans. I got this dress on sale at Nordstrom for like 60 dollars, so it was a good deal considering it's usually 90. The best part of this slip is that it's extremely light weight and flowy. It's perfect for the spring time! It's also easy to work with, so it would look good if I were to wear it with a cardigan or a sweater.