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Monday, July 20, 2015

LaYOURing JEWELRY is key

Accessorizing From 3 to 1

Even though I really enjoy buying clothes, I don't shop often. Up-scale fashion aficionados have a stereo-type for being quite narcissistic and selfish. Even if that stereotype only applies to a minute percentage of fashion-lovers, it's a fact that fashion is expensive. It's also a fact that shopping can be some-what of an exercise of self-fulfillment. I know it is for me a lot of the times. Neither of the two facts have to be seen in a negative way, but I do think it's important to keep those things in mind. To state it more simply, think about why you're spending and where your spendings are going. When I ask myself those questions, I remember to make best with what I have. It is no exception that fashion is a lesson of gratefulness. Gratitude is a small act of grace that leaves a big impact.

Because of those reasons and more, I shop at the mall maybe 3 to 4 times a year. All the other times I'm at the mall (which isn't much), I don't buy anything. I do most of my shopping quite sporadically. On average, I buy one to three items at a time at individual stores, like TJ Maxx, or online, like Nordstrom.

How do I create unique outfits without spending more money? The key is your jewelry. It isn't necessary to buy a lot of jewelry at once. Buying one necklace or bracelet overtime adds up quickly. Even though this post only has pictures of layered necklaces, this same concept applies to bracelets. 

Since last year, I began buying simple and inexpensive jewelry because it's an easy way to add to a simple outfit. Before then, I never shopped for jewelry--just clothes. Well...not anymore! Jewelry is pretty important to anyone who wants to dress pretty. 
3 necklaces might seem a bit excessive, but it can work if you do it right. The trick is to wear simple jewelry. Anything chunky is better left alone. Either stick with all silver or all gold. Versatile tops + inexpensive jewelry is the easiest and smartest way to dressing classy. I strongly recommend Forever 21, which is where I got two of the necklaces above. The cross necklace is from a store called The Grove in Claremont.

Yay for fun polka-dots and denim! Although floppy hats and fedoras are much more popular, caps can be just as fashionable. The only difference is that baseball caps dress your outfit down, while floppy hats dress your outfit up.

The three shirts in the post, which all happen to be blue, are great examples of versatile tops that can be paired with various pants, skirts, or shorts. I refrain myself from buying shirts that have embellishments or patterns because those tend to be harder to match. However, patterns like stripes are exceptions. Creating outfits is a fun challenge, but it's much easier when the clothes in your closet are easy to match.
These two necklaces came separately. I really like the long necklaces because the colors also go well with white, black, maroon, and more. I would say this look mildly bohemian, given the style of my necklaces and peasant blouse. 
Down to one statement necklace! I wouldn't wear another, considering how sparkly this necklace is. There are even different shades of blue on the necklace, which I really like. I don't wear this necklace with any top made of delicate material because it looks too girly. However, it pops perfectly when I wear it with casual material like chambray.

I hope this post was a helpful visual aid.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

ToT+Travel Diary: B.U.tiful Boston

"Embrace Your Many Passions"

Cheers to the 20th post on Letrendary!

I've been trying to write this first paragraph for over an hour. I had multiple ideas in mind for today's blog post, but they were all so sporadic that I didn't know how to tie it all in. I didn't want to superficially summarize my trip in Boston in a shallow way. After lots of reflection on my summer so far, I realized that I understood my identity on a deeper level from my 4 weeks of summer so far.

Every individual isn't one big thing, but a million little things. I transposed that from a quote I read about friendship. You and I are molded by the people we interact, the places we see, the hobbies we enjoy, and the culture we embrace. I want to make the most of this summer because it is my last as a high-school student. In other words, colleges are making sure that I'm not lounging on my couch watching Sherlock everyday.

What's funny is that my summer turned out completely different from what I had in mind up to April. I had initially planned to spend my summer focusing on my major of interest: Sociology and International Relations. By May, I realized that it wouldn't hurt to go to Denver and Boston to test out 2 career paths I had never considered, but have interest in--medicine and journalism. I am very fond of the idea of becoming a doctor, but let's just say science and math aren't up my alley. I also entered high-school thinking I wanted to be a traveling photojournalist and news anchor. However, I changed my mind freshman year because I'm neither the most talented nor the most enthusiastic writer.

Both experiences have allowed me to see myself as a more holistic individual who wants to pursue multiple passions and interests in the future. I no longer see myself just as a future international human rights lawyer, but as a future international human rights lawyer, ambassador, blogger, and photojournalist. Maybe I'll even do some medical work on the side because of my new-found interest in health care for low-income families and refugees. You are in complete reason to think it's impractical and overtly ambitious. But think about it. Lots of people have lots of interest--why limit yourself?

From what I've observed, people try to funnel their talents as much as possible. I don't see the point. I received an e-mail from Yale 2 nights ago and they said their "curriculum pushes students to embrace their many passions, not choose between them...students embrace the unexpected, even as they pursue their long-term goals...exploration isn't just possible it's expected." I opened this e-mail while I was on a solo walk for fresh air along Boston's beautiful Esplanade at 10pm. I smiled. I thought to myself, "Yale gets it." It's comforting to know that I don't have to live my life dedicated to just one passion. Do everything you love because there is a way to tie it all into your life.

On a side note, I also recently created a VSCO cam account to organize all my aesthetically appealing pictures, and I'm officially obsessed!! I already have 2 pages since I've come to Boston. Check it out! http://dorothykang.vsco.co/

Also, if you were wondering, I came to Boston for a Broadcast Journalism program at Boston University (BU). Yes, I was inspired by my love for Wolfcast. Broadcasting and photojournalism for the win! And now...please enjoy my travel diary photo-journal below!

Travel-Diary #2: Boston, MA

The view from Harvard Bridge, which connects Boston University to Cambridge, specifically MIT.

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Stunning. Art pieces ranged from Renoir to Monet to Pollock. I only know Renoir because of my Mock Trial case last year. I impersonated as the trial defendant, who was an art enthusiast of Renoir. 

Interviewing a Massachusetts State Rep at the Statehouse
Filming stand-ups on the streets of Boston.

Panaroma of Boston University

The Esplanade. All day, everyday. 

Spotted: 3 broadcast journalists on Newbury St!

Fenway Park: Red Sox Game...10 innings and 4 hrs 23 min. Yea, it felt eternal...not only to add that the Red Sox lost.

4th of July with the best girls ever--ft. Siena, Julia, and Keely
Fireworks by the Esplanade
JFK Library with a beautiful harbor right outside
Harvard University:
This was my first time at Harvard. Supposedly it's good luck to touch the left foot of John Harvard, so I didn't touch it. Can't follow the crowd haha. Harvard Square and Cambridge had an awesome and fun environment community. I was impressed to say the least.
Roxy's Grilled Cheese Food Truck. YES. New England Lobster Roll and Clam Chowder. Yes. Amarino. Yes.

 Reflection Pool near Northeastern. Thanks Lynn for showing me around!
Boston, you are beautiful.

Much love to the my amazing and beautiful friends, Julia, Siena, and Keely, who made the past few weeks in Boston so unforgettable and fun! I will miss you guys so much, and I can't wait to see you all again. I don't doubt that I'll be back soon. xoxo

Monday, July 6, 2015

Guest Post by Johnny: Fashion + Fitness

Bonjour! Diana here. Since our very first post, we've had readers express interest in "'observations' of male fashion!" It doesn't take too long to realize that there really aren't many male fashion bloggers out there--or at least, not from what I know. So, today we're going to honor your request with a guest post by my friend Johnny (whom you've met here). Of course, I had to drag him to the park to take these pictures. There's just something so amusingly, wonderfully ironic about being a badass at a playground. Keep your inner child alive, you know?

I realize that lately Letrendary has been on a sentimental streak, and this post hops on that bandwagon, too. We'll be back to posts that focus more specifically/narrowly on fashion soon (it's been difficult as Dorothy and I are on opposite sides of the country), but I strongly believe that it's important that we take these few weeks to pump some motivation into everyone. For many of our readers, it's the last stretch before college apps, after all, and often it's the last part that can be the hardest. In the end, Letrendary isn't just a fashion blog--I hope that it can also be the type of blog that lifts you up, makes you think, and ultimately joins you on a journey to a better self and a better world. *Cue: Johnny*


Fashion and Fitness are major pieces of my life and most likely, you too. You wonder what to wear, ponder on how others will view you and how you view yourself. The world is filled with criticism, some good, some bad but there is beauty in everything, including modern art. I'm not going to go recommend pieces of clothing, styles, matching color tones or name brand items. All I advise is for you to satisfy yourself before you satisfy others. All that matters is that you are content with your self image and what others view of you play a very limited role, next to none. So when shopping, going out, keep an open mind, explore new things, new styles and you are bound to express yourself and not mirror images of others.
Go out of your comfort zone.


Probably have better things to do but who said fitness couldn't be enjoyable? Are you afraid to try new things because don't be. Every professional was once a beginner, the same position you are in struggling to make that decision on whether to just go for it or walk away. If you don't try at anything, you can't succeed. I have been afraid to join cross country because I know I'm not in shape, I know I can't run a 5,6,7 minute mile. Fitness is much more than exerting dominance, expertise and flexing those muscles. You start at your own level and work your way up. Falling in order to get back up and rising in order to fall back down. When in doubt, grit your teeth and just push harder because once you overcome that voice in your head telling you to stop, you couldn't be more proud to finish. I highly recommend finding a companion, a partner or even multiple partners to take part in your fitness routine whether it'd be cycling, swimming, running or even climbing. Through my experience, the bonds I have built have enabled me to push even harder even when I'm not nearly at their level. Remember, it is your decision on whether to enjoy exercising or absolutely despise it. Create a bond, build a relationship, change a community and change the world.

Here are some things I have done and will aspire to do. Food for thought to get out of your comfort zone.

  1. Tough Mudder
  2. Triathalon Relay
  3. Rock Climbing
  4. Distance Running
  5. Archery
  6. Ballroom Dancing
  7. Iron Man
  8. Tour De France
  9. Swimming 
  10. Ultra Marathon

(Interjection by Diana: Noteworthy is how this outfit would work in the winter well with the long sleeves and long pants.Good running shoes are always worth the investment--make sure you get the right size; these shoes can be expensive but if you treat them well they can last for many years--and chain necklaces can hold special importance in reminding yourself of your motivation. Johnny's is a graduation gift. Indeed: even if your friends and family are not physically there with you, they will always be there with you in spirit, and the realization of that makes for a powerful, powerful motivator.)

Now for a motivational, uplifting cliche rant.

After watching Inside Out, I realized many things. All in all, it was a reminder that our lives are filled with struggles, breakthroughs and breakdowns. As an optimistic individual, I am constantly filled with joy and inevitably find joy in the darkest of times. Happiness is great but we can't always be happy. We have sacrifices to make, problems to deal with, and maintaining that socially constructed expectation of excellence in everything we pursue can be difficult.

I've learned to embrace emotions. After all, that is what being human is. Falling in order to get back up, rising in order to fall back down. Life is beautiful. Yes it isn't perfect but that is the beauty of it. After completing high school, I realized something bigger. As much as it is about excelling in academics and building your resume, it is a place where some find their identity. In other words, a place of awakening. The people you meet are all magnificent, even the ignorant, arrogant, and unappreciative ones because there is hope. Hope for a better world, Hope for change and Hope for life. It only takes one to make a difference. Be the change you want to see in the world. Much respect to Prince Alwaleed bin Talal for donating his wealth of 32 billion dollars to charity.

For those still in High School, I hope you pursue everything you desire without fear. Join that club, that sports team, speech and debate, CSF, and much more. For you have the opportunity to change an individual, change a community and even change the world. Do you dare disturb the universe?

Perhaps you are in a dark time, lost and confused with no sense of direction. It's all right because we've all been there, through the thick and the thin. The important thing is to love yourself. No matter how many times you've been put down, unappreciated, on edge, you are the only one who can make a difference. Speak your mind with confidence because the world ain't all sunshine and rainbows.

I realize it is easier said than done. Habits are hard to break. Emotions are hard to overcome. So in every situation, whether euphoric or despairing, embrace it. Human emotions are genuine and filled with power. Power to tell a story, give a message and even a deeper meaning. So I'll leave you with this:

Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.