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Monday, February 9, 2015

Love Me a Latte, Write?

What is that I hear? It's Falling-in-love February? I'd say it applies to me only in the context that I'm in love with...my puppy. Duh. I also heard Valentine's Day called Galentine's Day for all the girls without a valentine. I've just been calling it Single Awareness Day. They all work. Sorry, no boyfriend-never did, never will. I'm kidding about the latter. With or without a person to share it with, Valentine's Day is still a lovable day. It makes me happy to see others happy-for the most part hehe. My best friend's birthday is on Valentine's Day, so there's always a reason for me to celebrate. Just because I don't have a boyfriend, doesn't mean I don't have a valentine. Diana and I constantly read each others' minds and we have similar life morals so...I'd say we're meant for each other. She definitely agrees. Thanks for asking me to be your valentine, Diana! You're the real MVP.

Anyways, why do we celebrate Valentine's Day? Where did Valentine's Day even come from? Who is St. Valentine? The answers to these questions are pretty intriguing-you'd be surprised.

The Origins of Valentine's Day

St. Valentine was a Roman priest for the Catholic Church, while Emperor Claudius II ruled in the 3rd century AD. Emperor Claudius banned marriage between men and women because he believed unmarried men were better warriors than married men. Because the Roman Empire was falling apart, he needed a strong army that would protect the empire from its fall. Valentine disregarded the ban of marriage, and instead did the opposite: officiated marriages; Valentine believed marriage was a God-given right. Unfortunately, Valentine became convicted of treason, and was decapitated. He is recognized as a martyr and and saint because he sacrificed his life for the sacrament of marriage. Valentine's Day is on February 14th because that is the day St. Valentine was beheaded.

Valentine's Day became an official holiday in the 5th century under Pope Gelasius of the Catholic Church. Prior to that, it was an annual Roman festival on February 15th called Lupercalia. During the celebration, naked men would sacrifice a goat and dog for fertility and purification. Men would then whip women with the hide of their sacrificed animals because they believed it would increase a woman's fertility. To make matters worse, young men would then partake in a lottery, in which they would draw the name of a woman they would be paired with. Those matches often led to marriages. It was a messed up celebration to say the least. Luckily, Pope Gelasius came to the rescue and abolished the pagan rituals of Lupercalia. It was replaced with Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day has come a long long way. I never realized that it was one of the oldest holidays on the calendar. It has what I'd consider a macabre history, which makes it all the more perplexing and paradoxical.

Styles to LOVE:

Fabulously Feminine

To go along with the theme, I chose a few of my favorite articles of clothing that I love. The easiest way to look subtly Valentine's Day themed, without screaming pink and hearts, is to add a small touch of pink. For example, a pink cardigan instead of a pink shirt or skirt. I also layered a denim jacket on top so that you would only see the bottom of the pink popping out with it on.

'Fabulous' Embellished Top: Abercrombie // Pleated Skirt: Abercrombie // Pink Cardigan: Nordstrom // Denim Jacket: American Eagle
This is an in-between casual and girly outfit. The denim jacket and cotton material of the top are more on the casual end. However, the pleated skirt and beading embellishment on the top is what makes the entire look more fun and feminine!
I stacked my "LOVE" bead bracelet with my chained "Juicy" bracelet with my Seiko watch. 

lookin' sharp

Blazer: Nordstrom BP (Frenchi) // Lace Top: IDK // Pink Denim: Nordstrom (Sanctuary Clothing)

Blazers automatically make an outfit look spiffy and sophisticated. It's that simple.
Can't go wrong with lace. Can't go wrong with colored denim.

What is Valentine's Day without chocolate? Gotta have it!


Crochet Top: Forever 21 // Tie-Dye Dress: Saks Off Fifth
This outfit isn't red or pink, but it's just a style I thought I'd share. I wore a crochet crop top over a tie-dye dress. I was able to put the two separate pieces together because they were the same color. This is an easy way to create new outfits with the same clothes in your closet!
Flower Crown: Handmade from Etsy 

Have a lovely Valentine's Day/Galentine's Day/Single Awareness Day, everyone!

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