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Monday, March 23, 2015

Springin' into Style

Happy Spring all you awesome, stellar, talented readers! We've only got 8 days before we're hopping right into April; Easter is right around the corner! Before I go any further, a big hug and high-five to Diana and Eve for all their contributions and hard work on the past two posts. New faces are especially important in order to follow suit with the purpose of Letrendary: to educate the readers and myself of how fashion, culture, nature, and literature impact our society and the world beyond. I can only follow through with this goal by featuring individuals of various backgrounds, ethnicities, styles, and knowledge. The beauty of style is like the beauty of a person-every being has a distinctive personality, mind, and identity. In the same way, a fashion is custom to the individual. In celebration of the new season, here are a few fads that I'm loving. Maybe this will inspire you to try a different style this season-or even better, give you ideas of new outfits with what you already have-enjoy!

ESPADRILLE: spring's shoe of the season

                      Espadrilles: Soludos http://www.soludos.com/

The espadrille has become especially popular within the past years. However, what you may not know is that the shoe originated from the Pyranees! In fact, the shoe is so historical that the first ever espadrille is estimated to have been handmade 4 THOUSAND years ago! The production of the espadrille, however, became widespread in the 13th century. The sole of the shoe is made of braided jute rope, which is the very thing that makes this type of shoe so unique and iconic. The shoe is wonderful because it allows for your feet to breathe, and they mold to the shape of your feet. I bought this pair last summer, and I love them because they are exactly how the original espadrilles were-jute rope soles with ribbons around the ankles.


A new style that I'm loving is the midi dress. It goes past the knees, but it's nice because it is not as long as a maxi dress, which can be more of a hassle. It's the a way to be classy and fashion-forward. It stands out because not as many people wear midi-dresses. The midi dress is like an effortless girl-next-door look. The floral pattern on this dress is perfect for the spring. I'd strongly encourage investing in a midi dress if you ever have the chance! I paired it with red Converse to dress the look down and to accentuate the red flowers on the dress, but sandals would look fine also. 



Chambray Tank: Abercrombie // Lace Skirt: Abercrombie // Statement Necklace: Nordstrom BP // Stone Chain Bracelet: Francesca's

Besides the fact that I have horrendous spring allergies, I love the temperature and symbolic meaning behind spring. Spring is a time to refresh! New goals aren't exclusive to January 1st or the dawn of a new school year. Spring is the season of new beginnings; it's all about working toward the greater things that have yet to come.


                                                                             Swan Top: Nectar Clothing// Handkerchief Top: Abercrombie

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a happy week! 

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