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Monday, July 20, 2015

LaYOURing JEWELRY is key

Accessorizing From 3 to 1

Even though I really enjoy buying clothes, I don't shop often. Up-scale fashion aficionados have a stereo-type for being quite narcissistic and selfish. Even if that stereotype only applies to a minute percentage of fashion-lovers, it's a fact that fashion is expensive. It's also a fact that shopping can be some-what of an exercise of self-fulfillment. I know it is for me a lot of the times. Neither of the two facts have to be seen in a negative way, but I do think it's important to keep those things in mind. To state it more simply, think about why you're spending and where your spendings are going. When I ask myself those questions, I remember to make best with what I have. It is no exception that fashion is a lesson of gratefulness. Gratitude is a small act of grace that leaves a big impact.

Because of those reasons and more, I shop at the mall maybe 3 to 4 times a year. All the other times I'm at the mall (which isn't much), I don't buy anything. I do most of my shopping quite sporadically. On average, I buy one to three items at a time at individual stores, like TJ Maxx, or online, like Nordstrom.

How do I create unique outfits without spending more money? The key is your jewelry. It isn't necessary to buy a lot of jewelry at once. Buying one necklace or bracelet overtime adds up quickly. Even though this post only has pictures of layered necklaces, this same concept applies to bracelets. 

Since last year, I began buying simple and inexpensive jewelry because it's an easy way to add to a simple outfit. Before then, I never shopped for jewelry--just clothes. Well...not anymore! Jewelry is pretty important to anyone who wants to dress pretty. 
3 necklaces might seem a bit excessive, but it can work if you do it right. The trick is to wear simple jewelry. Anything chunky is better left alone. Either stick with all silver or all gold. Versatile tops + inexpensive jewelry is the easiest and smartest way to dressing classy. I strongly recommend Forever 21, which is where I got two of the necklaces above. The cross necklace is from a store called The Grove in Claremont.

Yay for fun polka-dots and denim! Although floppy hats and fedoras are much more popular, caps can be just as fashionable. The only difference is that baseball caps dress your outfit down, while floppy hats dress your outfit up.

The three shirts in the post, which all happen to be blue, are great examples of versatile tops that can be paired with various pants, skirts, or shorts. I refrain myself from buying shirts that have embellishments or patterns because those tend to be harder to match. However, patterns like stripes are exceptions. Creating outfits is a fun challenge, but it's much easier when the clothes in your closet are easy to match.
These two necklaces came separately. I really like the long necklaces because the colors also go well with white, black, maroon, and more. I would say this look mildly bohemian, given the style of my necklaces and peasant blouse. 
Down to one statement necklace! I wouldn't wear another, considering how sparkly this necklace is. There are even different shades of blue on the necklace, which I really like. I don't wear this necklace with any top made of delicate material because it looks too girly. However, it pops perfectly when I wear it with casual material like chambray.

I hope this post was a helpful visual aid.

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