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Monday, August 10, 2015

China Chic

早上好,everyone! In my last post chronicling my travels in China, I mentioned that I will do a post on the clothes I bought in China this week. And, voilà:

I bought all of these in a mall in Guangzhou, but some of these brands ship overseas, so if you're interested in buying something from them and don't mind the international shipping fee, go for it!

First is a butterfly dress from C1wyse. I love how natural it looks. Any dress I buy usually has a pattern very special to me; anything nature-themed is always a welcomed addition.

I also bought a Korean-inspired (Dorothy's spirit must've been with me) dress from Bear House, which unfortunately I don't think has a website. I might've bought it in part because it's so easy to put on... Who has time to fiddle with buttons and zippers when sleep exists?

It has a stitched lace top with a chambray skirt. In China these days (and really, all across Asia), it's becoming really popular to wear long and loose shirts and tug them into pants or skirts, then tug them out so they puff out around your waist. This dress does that whole tugging ordeal for me just by its design, which is great when you're as impatient as I am. 

Also from C1wyse is this wonderfully crafted petals dress. It's very loose, but the pattern is beautiful and tangible. 

Finally, I bought two tops to complement all the jeans I own. The first one is an adorable cat print with marble eyes attached onto the shirt by invisible strings from Next to Candice (which I also can't find a website for). 

Messy hair and pink striped socks to match the casual look of the shirt
Of course Dorothy took the occasion to fold my hair into hearts...

The last top is a white blouse, which I've always wanted, but I bought it more specifically from Bear House because of how its design is different on the left from the right. There's something so wonderfully delicate about the floral stitches of the right, while the crosshatched left emanates a more detailed, serious tone. But of course my favorite part is the pockets. Who doesn't love pockets? :D

Thank you Dorothy for the pictures! See you all with a back-to-school post soon, and don't forget to enjoy the last rays of summer!

Butterfly Dress: C1wyse
White/Chambray Dress: Bear House
Blue Petals Dress: C1wyse
Cat Shirt: Next to Candice
Patterned Blouse: Bear House

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