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Monday, August 24, 2015

The Back to School lookBook

New school year, new look?

I can't believe how fast this summer went by. It was the most productive summer I've ever had, but I definitely missed spending time with most of my close friends. Now that I have 2 days left of summer, I'm realizing how I never got to watch much Sherlock (boooo). I've only seen two episodes since the end of June (boooo). On the other hand, I'm so ready to start my last year of high-school! I'll pretty much be hustling, crying, and stressing for the next four months, but once winter break hits...you'll see me throwing papers and waving my hands in the air (i can't wait to do a post with those pictures lol). Obviously I'm not absolutely free once December hits, but I'll at least be done with tennis, Mock Trial, and college apps--the bulk of my extra-curriculars. I can't wait for the second-half of my senior year!

I really can't imagine where I'll be in one year. East coast, west coast? Private, public? Although I'm constantly anxious, I'm also repeatedly reminding myself that I'll end up where I need to be. I know not everyone believes in fate, but I do in the sense that a path will be wherever I end up. I've also been thinking hard about rejection. I hope when I'm rejected by whichever schools (because everyone is), I won't tell myself  that "I'm good enough for that school" or "I deserved to be accepted in that school," but rather "I can fit better somewhere else" and "I trust the admission officer's decision." Of course we all have dream schools that we hope to can call home one day, but life is a happy and sad adventure. I know things will not end up the way I think it will now, so I say it's best to stay open-minded. I wish nothing but the best for all of us seniors--we got this! It's going to be one-hell of a year, but hey, every little thing will be alright *cues Bob Marley*.

I thought it would be fun to create a back-to-school lookbook of five completely different styles. I've only bought one dress and one pair of shoes this summer, so I styled all of these outfits from what I already had in my closet. If you want to see a certain type of style in one of our posts, please comment or e-mail us! We will try our best to do it as soon as possible. We love recommendations!

#1: the minimalist

Top: Nordstrom Rack// Shorts: American Eagle// Necklace: Nectar Clothing & Forever 21

#2: the prepster

I love this colorblock pleated skirt! It's one of the few things I've ever thrifted.
Collared Pocket Tank: Abercrombie// Blazer: Nordstrom// Pleated Skirt: Thrifted!// Oxfords: Marshalls

#3: the girl-next-door

Diana and I are extremely involved at school...but we still haven't been to a football game...OOPS
Coral-Spotted Mint Dress: Lush (Nordstrom)// Denim Jacket: American Eagle

#4: the boho-lover

I wish I was boho at heart because it's honestly so free and beautiful. I don't think I pull it off the best though haha.
Dress: Nectar Clothing// Necklace: Forever 21// Shoes: Minnetonka
P.S. The beautiful art in the background is by the extremely talented Christine Horng

#5: the laid-back hipster

Don't worry, you won't see me sitting there again...LOL
Denim Vest: American Eagle// Black Tank: Nordstrom// Floral Joggers: Korea

there's a first time for everything

Have a stellar 2015-2016 school year, everyone. Make it count!

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