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Monday, October 19, 2015

HC 2015: Last Time Coming Home?

Last week was a high-intensive week of school, so homecoming was a huge relief. I'm stuck between two thoughts when it comes to school dances. Let's be honest...I don't particularly love being in a gym full of teenagers high on hormones and adrenaline, but I really do enjoy these opportunities to dress up, go out, and dance, since it isn't something I do often. I thought it would be nice to share what my friends and I wore to Homecoming for today's post. I say it again later in the post, but this was actually NOT the dress I was planning on wearing.

I researched a little bit about the history of Homecoming, and I was surprised that it's historically more about the football game and the parade than the dance itself. It's totally the other way around now (Dance>HC Game). The Homecoming tradition officially began in 1910, so this is its 105th anniversary!

I bought this dress THREE hours before the dance!! I had ordered 2 dresses a week before and they were expected to come Saturday morning, but of course...they didn't. Thanks to my mom, we ran out the door and were able to find this in less than an hour.

Although I am upset that the dresses I had planned to choose from did not arrive, I'm still very happy with this dress that I found. It looks purple in the pictures, but it's actually navy blue fabric with purple flowers. It was a basically tea length dress on me (because I'm short), which made it look even more elegant.
DRESS: Eliza J Floral Metallic Jacquard Fit & Flare (Nordstrom)
SHOES: Bally
I chose to wear these black pointed heels that I normally wear for Mock Trial competitions (They're actually my mom's). They matched perfectly with the chic/classy look that I was going for. 
Tabitha wore gold accents to go with her purple metallic bodycon. I really liked how she wore dainty, delicate jewelry rather than putting on something chunky. I know I can't pull off a bodycon, but she can!!

How cute is Diana?! Props to Tabitha for doing the cool knot hairstyle on the back (all those YouTube vids are paying off for her). Diana wore a pink strapless floral dress and wore a bejeweled strawberry necklace to complement the dress.

(Note: The following pictures were taken with an iPhone   -Diana)

If you went to Homecoming, I hope you had lots of fun!! I will say that the music was significantly better than the music from the dances I'd gone to (shoutout to Rachel, most fab ASB Secretary and pictured above)! Thanks to DChao and Tabitha for making this post possible! Have a wonderful week, everyone.

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