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Monday, November 2, 2015

Finally FALLin' into Season

Congratulations to seniors who have put in their early applications--a definite hoorah moment! Waiting is scarier than writing the essays, but I'm excited for the future and so should you. I'm also excited that the weather is cooling! Fall, is it you?! I love California, but it took way too long to get here. Can you believe it's November? Where did 2015 even go? Well, I won't get into that now. I'll have to compile more thoughts and save them for another post. But to get back to the point, wasn't it supposed to begin to cool in September? Oh, California. 

Today's post is about transitioning from summer to fall. Basically perfect timing because there are supposed to be showers today, and it's supposed to be in the 60s and 70s all week! Fall, tied with winter, is my favorite season for several reasons (they're practically the same thing in CA). Firstly, colors. The immediate fall palette that comes to mind is mustard, teal, pumpkin, and brown. I've tried to incorporate that palette into my 3 outfits. Secondly, fall fashion is essentially a mix-match of summer and winter clothes. If you're wondering about how you can work your summer closet into your fall/winter closet, it truly depends on what your summer closet is made up of. In general, plain clothing can be worked into anytime of the year, which explains why the majority of my clothes are so. 

I know that these outfits aren't representative of what you could wear in most places around the world right now. I apologize! However, I hope there is some inspiration that can be incorporated into your style. Good luck! 

 Peter Pan Collared Top: Abercrombie//Blazer: Nordstrom//Mustard Skirt: Nectar//Shoes: Sperry's

I particularly enjoy color-blocking my outfits, and I gravitate towards clothes that have color-blocking on them. The white, royal blue, and mustard complemented each other nicely. I wear the white blazer all year-round, and it's probably the most shown article of clothing on this blog. If anything, that goes to show how valuable it is to have versatile clothing like a white blazer. It's wearable in any season as long as you pair it with the right type of clothes. As of now, I can remember wearing this white blazer in the Valentine's Day post, the Summer Moda post, and the Back to School post. Wow! But what did the trick for this outfit are the royal blue and mustard because those colors are what gives this outfit its fall flair.
Short Trenchcoat: Forever 21//Pumpkin Top: IDK//Pleated Skirt: Abercrombie

Style is made up of an array of colors. Here, I put navy blue, pumpkin, and white together. The pleats in the skirt top off the fun and happy look.
Top: Nordstrom//Skirt: Anne Klein//Cardigan: Ralph Lauren//Boots: Franco Sarto
Brown + Black work well. This outfit screams fall because of the plaid action and the long boots. The blank tank I'm wearing is my most-worn piece of clothing because I wear it with everything, every month of the year. Easy transition from summer to fall!

Feel free to contact us at letrendary@gmail.com or comment below to tell us what styles you'd like to see on the blog! Thank you to one of our readers who gave us the idea for this post. Also, shoutout to our readers in Ukraine!!! We love you. Make sure to check back next Monday for a very special and cultural post. You won't want to miss it.

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