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Monday, January 25, 2016

Declassyfied Photos!!!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since our last post, so expect one more post this Thursday!!! Diana and I officially have one semester left until graduation...AHHH! What's so thrilling about this year is that I'll be wrapping up one chapter and beginning another in my life. It's difficult to wrap my head around that fact that my lifestyle will change once I'm in college. In this spirit of nostalgia, here are two photoshoots from forever ago. The first one is from spring of 2015 and the other is from winter of 2013. Yes, I repeat 2013. In fact, that the first photoshoot I had EVER done with Diana. I must say, my poses were fairly decent for a newbie. Anyways, enjoy the beautiful photography and editing done by DChao!

This outfit features my favorite staples: AE denim jacket, AE black denim pants, Rainbow sandals, Lucky Brand white top, and Seiko watch!

Diana asked me to do a portrait shoot with her when we were sophomores. I remember feeling super excited and nervous because I have always loved being photographed but I had never actually modeled before. One year later we collaborated and created Letrendary!
Diana and I are hoping to create a new series soon, so stay tuned. Also, we have hit over 10,000 views!!! Thank you, we love you all!!!

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