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Monday, January 4, 2016

Weather or Not to Dress Well


Woohoo, first post of the year!!! I am pretty excited that it'll be raining the majority of this week; we need the water so bad! Colder weather is the perfect opportunity to get lazy and throw on a pair of sweats, sweatshirt, and sneakers. However, the sweats won't cut it if you actually have to look half decent for a night-out, event, etc. Living in Southern California, it has been a real struggle figuring out how I can put together a cozy and stylish outfit. Especially because I don't own a lot of gear for the cold in the first place, I often times find myself sacrificing warmth for style. I regret it every time; I hate freezing in the cold air and rain! Rachel and Tabitha helped me out this week, and we each put together the kind of outfit we'd wear to look cute and stay warm during the cold weather. I hope the tips help you out a bit if you have somewhere to be this week. Enjoy!
(My ideal way of spending a rainy day=books + tea/coffee + Netflix + journaling + chatting with friends)


TIP #2: Spice it up! Put on dainty, light jewelry

If you don't want to put on a casual scarf for a fancier look, then I'd recommend simple jewelry for the cold. Rachel chose a longer-length necklace for her sweater, while Tabitha chose one close to the neckline. Watches and bracelets are equally great for the cold weather.

TIP #3: BOOTS are necessary. (Wedges are great for dressing up!)

Each of us wore different types of boots. Rachel went with brown booties, Tabitha with black wedges, and I with UGGs. Regardless, they all kept our feet warm! I didn't realize until recently how important it is to keep your feet warm; it makes a HUGE difference! 

TIP #4: Wear a coat on top of all your layers!

I only own 2 actual coats because they're expensive and I only use it for a few months out of the entire year. I don't think it's necessary to have very many coats because if you have one that's thick and versatile, you can wear it with practically anything. Isn't Tabitha's Calvin Klein coat adorable? Perfect example of a coat worth investing in! 

TIP #5: If wearing a skirt of dress, wear THICK tights, not a thin one!

This is very, very important if you want to wear a skirt or dress in cold weather. If you don't wear thick tights, your legs are going to FREEZE.
In our case, we (as in Diana, Rachel, Tabitha, and myself) went for a girls-night out and ate at a Japanese restaurant on a very chilly day! It was both Rachel and Tabitha's first time trying sushi (I still don't understand how they lived 17 years without trying sushi). We had a fun time, and we didn't have to worry about freezing because we were well-dressed and well-prepared! Gosh, I'm craving the tempura matcha ice cream we had. It was my first time and oh so worth it!

Have a wonderful week and stay safe everyone!!!

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