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Monday, May 30, 2016

No Great Expectations...

Hello, hello, hello friends! Good job if you get the Dharles Cikins reference (I really, really do not like the man). It'll make sense if you keep reading. Anyways, with graduation approaching so soon, I finally got the opportunity to get my senior pictures taken by Diana! I'm excited to share these photos with you because the pictures turned out so lovely. When I look back at these 5, 10, 20 years from now, it'll bring back so many memories of high school. I'm sure you won't be too surprised with the floral, nature aesthetic going on. Aside from sharing these pictures, I also want to tell you a few things that I've really been soaking and thinking about. Enjoy!

I am finally graduating next week...yayyayyy!!! I honestly could not be happier with the timing of graduation. I have become so comfortable and familiar with the routine of high school that it is indeed time for change. That is not to say that I am totally ready either...but I think that's what makes change so thrilling and nerve-wracking--having to embrace the unknown.

I try to picture myself five months down the road, and it's hard to grasp. My mind intrinsically wants to set expectations but my heart tells me otherwise. Seeing my family everyday, eating dinner at home, practicing piano everyday... all these parts of my life will change. But then again...when have I ever been able to grasp the future? All throughout high school, I've been in a constant "think about the future" mode. I immersed myself into different teams and programs with the hope and mentality of it meaning something more in the long run...and they all did. In the end, I gained more than what I had to put in. Whether it was Piano, Wolfcast, IB, or anything else, they all taught me something that I otherwise wouldn't have learned.
Beige Peony Dress: Nectar Clothing // Off-the-shoulder Blouse: Nectar Clothing

I took each day one by one, while at the same time, I had hopes that eventually turned into goals. My goals throughout high school ranged from being more thankful to finding balance between work and play to being a positive role-model in certain activities. These hopes motivated me to stay up when I was exhausted and to work harder when I disappointed myself and/or those around me. So what I'm trying to get at is...I find it unnecessary to set great expectations for I'll be doing next week, five months, or ten years from today. I think there is a subtle difference between expectation and hopes that can turn into goals; hope unifies the heart and mind in place while expectations can lead to one of two things: success or disappointment. As for goals, they serve as a motivate force that will come as a result of hope preparing heart and mind.

At this time, I just want to thank all my friends, classmates, and teachers. I've grown a lot these past years because of you all. One of my biggest takeaways is that I don't need to take everything too seriously. Spend time doing the things that you love; it's not a waste of your time if you're enjoying it. I allocated a lot of time playing piano (to the point my parents were extremely concerned) but I chose to do that because that's what felt right, and it was the right choice. When I say don't take things to seriously, I also mean that there should be a healthy balance of being studious and procrastinating/being busy and relaxing. That's the way life is; work hard but also step back and breathe.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing the pics. Thank you again to Diana for taking these pictures!!! Je t'aime <3

To all the 2016 graduates, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your futures are so bright and full of wonders! May your lives be full of great joy and love.

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