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Thursday, June 18, 2015

No Longer A June-ee-Year


Ruby, Gavin, Rory, & Jessica: IB Yr 1 Survivors
And just like that...the 2014-2015 school year is over! Painful? Quite so. Rewarding? Even more so. It has been the most mentally draining and academically rigorous school year without a doubt, but it was manageable and a huge learning experience. I won't deny that I had numerous mental breakdowns from failing myself. It would be completely misleading to think that I succeeded in all my work this past year-no, not at all. However, my failures are what I deem as lessons for future success. What really got me through this year was my mental positivity. My positivity shapes my perspective on the past, my understanding of the present, and my outlook for the future. Sure, I was hard on myself sometimes, but it wasn't to the point that I hated myself and wanted to give up. To go that far would be a mistake for anyone. Seriously, love yourself. 

Since college apps are only several months away, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about which colleges I want to apply to and the reasons for those decisions. Now might not seem to be the appropriate time to be thinking about college since it is summer break, but it isn't a bad idea to prepare. So FYI, all my thoughts below are genuine. No fluff. I just want to share 3 big ideas that have been floating in my head after contemplating and meditating about college and all of its implications for so many hours. Enjoy, and I hope it helps even in the slightest way!
Much love to Lucas and Bita (also Yr 1 IB Survivors)

1. Goodness Comes From Weakness

Nearly everyone, including myself, are stressed about how we will appeal as an overall student based off our test scores, grades, extra-curriculars, leadership skills, character-of course the list goes on and on. This past year, I've been trying my best to accept that I may not have everything that I want checked-off of my ideal resume. It's been a work in progress to accept my failures and weaknesses, whether big or small. Not only is this mentally healthy, but essential for every student's sanity. Accepting the ways things are has pushed me to work harder with a positive mentality while relieving my stress. I'm starting to think that there is greater internal goodness that results from accepting weaknesses.

2. Positive Perspective and Purpose

The great majority of high-school seniors begin the college application process with dread and a pessimistic outlook. It's really challenging to be positive in this sort of situation when there are so many external and internal pressures. However, I'm challenging myself to have a positive perspective and purpose this fall especially. Why? Well, I know that I will go to college and receive an education-no matter what college it may be. The fact that you and I are assured a college education is a blessing. This is one positive perspective that a lot of us should think about. It's also healthy to remind yourself that the majority of college students find happiness at the college they end up at. There is so much to look forward to. Rather than being cynical about college, let's be grateful-even amidst all the anxiety and stress; there is always room to be thankful everyday. Another important point is to have a bigger purpose than to be accepted by your top-choice. I have big dreams, but those dreams go far beyond the 4 years of my undergraduate education. Therefore, be open-minded, think about the big picture, and see college as a stepping stone to your bigger purpose and goals. Because honestly, college is not even close to the end. It's another beginning.

3. Self-worth

Believe in yourself. And again, love yourself. It's okay if you don't know what you want to do in the future, and it's okay if you don't know what you're good at. However, it's not okay to hate yourself for not knowing those answers. There are plethora of students in the same place, so it isn't abnormal. It's important to be honest to yourself about your uncertainties. Reflect on them, and think about who you are and all the different aspects of your life-your morals, your values, your hobbies, and your personality. Personally, I discovered the most about myself and my passions from trying new things and going beyond the comfort zone. Here are some examples from my own life: One, accept change. I realized that I love playing piano when I switched to my current piano teacher. This required me not to be stubborn about trying something different. Two, take risks. I found out that I really enjoy blogging about culture and fashion by going beyond my comfort zone. Make most with the people around you; thank goodness Diana is there for me. Three, immerse yourself. I discovered that I'm pretty decent at acting because I involved myself in Mock Trial. I decided to give Mock Trial a try when I was a freshman and now I absolutely love it. These are a few examples that truly reflect my current interests and have significantly shaped me as an individual. You will discover more and more about yourself with time and experience, so be confident in who you are.

I hope this shined some positive insight! Also, seriously unique posts are coming your way next week, so stay tuned!

#DOROANA4EVA (most likely to take over the world)

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